Thursday, May 27, 2010

post number 98

Well I spent six hours on tracking down this bearing today. What a rollercoaster of talking to people all over the world to get the bearing that I need. I was ready to say "uncle" and just have a small batch of the made up, but I lucked out and found one that is dimensionally the same on the i.d. and o.d. but has 2 more balls than stock. This is great news and my phone time paid off, woo hoo

I spent the rest of the day working on drilling out my rear fender for braces, mounting holes and the chain cut out. I borrowed an original fender from a friend and have to send it back tomorrow, so I made use of copying all of the details that I could.

Check out the round headed screws and square nuts that hold the braces on. What a neat detail. The screws and nuts are painted red. I think that Bill Nugent's sears has the same feature

Here are the notes that I took for the fender lay out. There was a third hole in the back of the fender that was kind of strange. I think it may have been for a olsol light. I am not sure though. anyways it is pretty obvious that I am not good at drawing by looking at this pic lol. Check out the striping details in the lower right hand corner. Lots of good details on this sheet of paper!

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  1. Nice progress you are making lately.

    btw, Excelsior also used square nuts on the fender brackets.