Saturday, May 29, 2010

post number 100

I spent the day making my first centerstand. There are a lot of processes involved in this piece. For starters, you can't get channel iron that has the correct dimensions, so you have to make it. I found some rectangular bar stock that was close to what i needed and milled out the center. This piece is over four feet long, so I had to do it in three set ups. After dialing the piece into the head within .002 I hogged out the center of the stock to a depth of .300. Then I cut a chamfer on each side with this 60 degree cutter.

Here is the fixture that I made for bending it up.

The trick is to pull the metal while you are bending it. The outside slugs were not installed in the first step.

Here it is after the second bends on each side.

Here are the ends welded on. I made a fixture to hold these in place too. This project would go a lot faster if I didn't have to make a fixture for every thing haha.

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