Tuesday, May 18, 2010

post number 88

One of the first pieces that I made for my sears project was the top clamp for the handlebars. I matched it up to the original fork that I had and it turned out pretty well. The only problem with it is that I didn't notice that my og fork was bent. So consequently, the first top clamp that I made only fits on the bent fork that it was made for.. and not on newly made non bent fork! So I made a new one. Here are the five pieces that it takes to make a top clamp

Here they are all welded together and mostly ground down. I had to go back and fill in some low spots with filler rod, but it is coming along quite nicely. The next step is to cut the groove through the center then drill and tap the 3/8 24 holes for the pinch bolts. This is going a lot quicker than the first one and should hopefully be done tonight!


  1. So, practice DOES make perfect!

  2. well, it makes it easier, not necessarily perfect lol