Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

post number 125

here is young ryan and the giveaway bike. I have to have this bike finished by sturgis as well as my sears!

centerstand bolts

welded frame and fitted fender

My sheet metal is at the painters right now, I will be picking it up next friday morning and driving to wisconsit to get everything pinstriped. go go go go I have not slept for more than five hours in a row for the last two weeks!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

post number 124

the last of the gussets that I have to make for the sears. The angle one is a fender bracket

This is what the fender brace will screw to.

Fender mounted and ready for paint. I spent all day yesterday working on a set of fender mounts and finally decided that they were lame, so I made up a new design which is stronger and looks a lot better. They are pictured here, and will end up being bright nickle plated.

This project has taught me a lot about doing crazy set ups. This is what my daddy and I did to get the oilpump mounting plate square and parallel to the motor/motor sprocket. This was just to tack everything in place, I will finish weld it when the motor is out of the frame.

Here are most of the lines, the bypass runs to the rear cylinder dripper, the oil pressure switch runs to the skirt oilers, and the other lines are pretty self explanatory. I still have to set up the belt drive for the oil pump. This is pretty chaotic, but it should work pretty well. and If it doesn't, I can convert it back to stock in a day. I still have to make the feed line and oil filter mount. things are getting crazy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

post number 123

Check out the muffler, toolbox and gas tank. I only have three weeks to finish this bike and on top of that Ryan Mackey is coming to the shop next week to finish the AMCA Youth Program Contest bike. Both bikes have to be in sturgis! My life is going to be insane for the next month, please don't call me until the middle of august unless it is important. Thanks

I got my tanks from my painter. The body work is roughed in, it took a bit of filler since these were the first tanks that I had ever made. I wanted to check to make sure they fit in the frame before I painted everything. I had to file one of the sheet metal arrows on the bottom frame tube down in order to squeeze my gas tank in, but I got it to fit!

I got my muffler castings back from the polisher. They are so shiny. OG sears castings were cast iron and painted black, I had a set made up in aluminum and polished them so that everybody knew.

Vent and return line are roughed in in this pic. I still have to hook them up to the pump, silver solder them and plate them, but this is just as clean of a job as I had imagined it. I can't wait to see everything plated and painted.

Everything is pretty busy and hectic under here. I am going to make a gas line tomorrow and hopefully figure out the throttle linkage.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

post number 122

HEre is one of the eclipse clutches that my friend Delmar made up for me. They are beautiful. He did most of the machine work, there were some other parts that were made by my other friends, and I made some stuff as well. It was a huge group effort to get it done and I feel great that my team of friends and I pulled it off. There are over 100 parts in this set up and they all have to work with each other!

bits and pieces! I had four sets of plates kevlar coated for the cannonball race. My friend Bill Nugent and I are running them in our sears. Let me know if you need a set!

clutch drum is made out of 8620 and case hardened!

installed! I still have to make my pedal arm bolts, but couldn't resist a quick mock up to see the pedals on my bike!!!!! Things are getting exciting! I got a bunch of plating in the mail today, will post later

Monday, July 12, 2010

post number 121

I burnt my arm with a hot fender brace, it just touched it for a second, but that is all it took. dang it

Here is where my oil pump is going to mount. The belt pully will be driven off of the motor sprocket. we are doing a 4 -1 ratio. This is going to be trick

HEre is what the cam set and lifter set up looks like. I ended up using different lifters than these, but didn't take a pic

Here is a pic of my flywheels in the cases for good! We trued them up within a thousandth on each shaft in the truing stand, then marked where the pinion flywheel was, so that we could measure the assembly in the case. After assembling everything in the case we checked it out with this set up, and the numbers were all perfect! I put the right case on tightened everything up, put the pistons on with out rings, installed the cylinders and checked to see how everything spun over and you can turn the whole assembly over with just two fingers, everything is smooth, perpendicular and square! I have not had much time to post ,I only have 26 days to finish the bike, so I will most likely be doing posts that cover a lot of steps rather than the super detailed posts like the previous ones. Wish me luck, I need it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

post number 120

Here is a pic of the inside of my oil tank before I welded the last side on. There is a lot of stuff going on in this little box. It would hold 4.25 quarts of oil, but I will probably only run three and a half.

Here is a pic of both tanks, I spent 12 hours pressure testing them and making sure that they dont leak. what a bunch of damn work. There are over eight feet of welding on the gas tank alone. I put the fake door on the toolbox, just cause it looks so finished and nice. I had to weld the inside of the rivets and the screws that hold the door shut. There were only three leaks in the toolbox and probably 20 in the gas tank! The main thing is that I got both of them sealed up and off for body work!

I engine turned my cases tonight. This is a very tedious process.

Here is a pic of the left case. The circles are about 5/8 of an inch from the edge of the case. The swirls are .75 and overlap half of the previous circle. What a bunch of damn rotating on the rotary table. AFter seeing the finished product, it is worth all of the work!

And the other side!!!!! This looks like a piece of jewelery and it should be in a glass case or up on a pedestal. I should have my front end and front fender finished up by this weekend, as well as my engine. The pieces are falling into place! I have to have the bike looking done by sturgis! whoa man the clock is ticking!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

post number 119

Here is a pic of setting up the flywheel end play. I messed around with this set up for six hours. The flywheel assembly was rubbing on one little spot on the cases. after a lot of bluing, putting together, machining and taking apart we finally got it to spin free and work well. This is going to be a really smooth free wheeling set up.

I got my actuators from Delmar today. this thread has a 30 tpi which is extremely odd ball. That thread pitch isn't even in the machinists handbook. Very strange stuff

Here are the washers for the outer clutch hub lock nut. I have to install them in the nut still, but that should be relatively easy in the grand scheme of things.

Here are the handlebar spiral pieces that I had re cut.