Tuesday, July 20, 2010

post number 124

the last of the gussets that I have to make for the sears. The angle one is a fender bracket

This is what the fender brace will screw to.

Fender mounted and ready for paint. I spent all day yesterday working on a set of fender mounts and finally decided that they were lame, so I made up a new design which is stronger and looks a lot better. They are pictured here, and will end up being bright nickle plated.

This project has taught me a lot about doing crazy set ups. This is what my daddy and I did to get the oilpump mounting plate square and parallel to the motor/motor sprocket. This was just to tack everything in place, I will finish weld it when the motor is out of the frame.

Here are most of the lines, the bypass runs to the rear cylinder dripper, the oil pressure switch runs to the skirt oilers, and the other lines are pretty self explanatory. I still have to set up the belt drive for the oil pump. This is pretty chaotic, but it should work pretty well. and If it doesn't, I can convert it back to stock in a day. I still have to make the feed line and oil filter mount. things are getting crazy!

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