Friday, September 10, 2010

post number 141

well folks,
it has been a while since I did an update. I am writing this post at three in the morning after the first official day of the cannonball. I broke down with carb problems earlier and it was a real bummer. I have been tinkering on my sears non stop since I left. It is the hardest thing that I have ever worked on or done. I love the challenge and am making a ton of new friends and working on neat bikes. I am helping a friend re build his 1911 hd motor in the parking lot. we should be done in three or four hours!
I got a speeding ticket on my sears yesterday going 47 in a 35

I hitched a ride over a bridge by grabbbing onto a friends truck going 65 mph

When I broke down, somebody stopped by and gave me an apple and a little thing of peanut butter like the ones that are handed out at restaurants. I didn't have any silver ware, so I ate it with a rock lol.

I am having an amazing time working on my bike and all sorts of other off brands that I never thought I would get to work on! I love my life. Hope all is well in yours

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

post number 140( apparently it takes 140 steps to re create a 1914 sears motorcycle)

Well folks, we did it! My dad, tim, ray, Jesse and I got my sears back together with an og bottom end and it runs! I rode it for the first time today and it was amazing. what a bunch of fun. It starts super easy is smooth, and just all around a ton of fun! Here is a link of me riding the bike for the first time. it was kind of scetchy getting going, but I will get the hang of it. I hope to have five hundred miles on it in the next nine days. I am off to davenport, I hope to see some of you there. have a nice day