Monday, July 12, 2010

post number 121

I burnt my arm with a hot fender brace, it just touched it for a second, but that is all it took. dang it

Here is where my oil pump is going to mount. The belt pully will be driven off of the motor sprocket. we are doing a 4 -1 ratio. This is going to be trick

HEre is what the cam set and lifter set up looks like. I ended up using different lifters than these, but didn't take a pic

Here is a pic of my flywheels in the cases for good! We trued them up within a thousandth on each shaft in the truing stand, then marked where the pinion flywheel was, so that we could measure the assembly in the case. After assembling everything in the case we checked it out with this set up, and the numbers were all perfect! I put the right case on tightened everything up, put the pistons on with out rings, installed the cylinders and checked to see how everything spun over and you can turn the whole assembly over with just two fingers, everything is smooth, perpendicular and square! I have not had much time to post ,I only have 26 days to finish the bike, so I will most likely be doing posts that cover a lot of steps rather than the super detailed posts like the previous ones. Wish me luck, I need it!

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  1. Scars - Chicks dig 'em!

    Good luck as you continue with this awesome project! Thanks for the time that you spend posting the updates - it is a joy to read along.