Friday, July 16, 2010

post number 123

Check out the muffler, toolbox and gas tank. I only have three weeks to finish this bike and on top of that Ryan Mackey is coming to the shop next week to finish the AMCA Youth Program Contest bike. Both bikes have to be in sturgis! My life is going to be insane for the next month, please don't call me until the middle of august unless it is important. Thanks

I got my tanks from my painter. The body work is roughed in, it took a bit of filler since these were the first tanks that I had ever made. I wanted to check to make sure they fit in the frame before I painted everything. I had to file one of the sheet metal arrows on the bottom frame tube down in order to squeeze my gas tank in, but I got it to fit!

I got my muffler castings back from the polisher. They are so shiny. OG sears castings were cast iron and painted black, I had a set made up in aluminum and polished them so that everybody knew.

Vent and return line are roughed in in this pic. I still have to hook them up to the pump, silver solder them and plate them, but this is just as clean of a job as I had imagined it. I can't wait to see everything plated and painted.

Everything is pretty busy and hectic under here. I am going to make a gas line tomorrow and hopefully figure out the throttle linkage.

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