Wednesday, July 14, 2010

post number 122

HEre is one of the eclipse clutches that my friend Delmar made up for me. They are beautiful. He did most of the machine work, there were some other parts that were made by my other friends, and I made some stuff as well. It was a huge group effort to get it done and I feel great that my team of friends and I pulled it off. There are over 100 parts in this set up and they all have to work with each other!

bits and pieces! I had four sets of plates kevlar coated for the cannonball race. My friend Bill Nugent and I are running them in our sears. Let me know if you need a set!

clutch drum is made out of 8620 and case hardened!

installed! I still have to make my pedal arm bolts, but couldn't resist a quick mock up to see the pedals on my bike!!!!! Things are getting exciting! I got a bunch of plating in the mail today, will post later

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  1. they look a lot like the eclipse clutch disks in my 1916 X. I've heard that kevlar stuff works well, I might have to try it if they'll fit...