Sunday, May 23, 2010

post number 91

Yesterday my daddy and I worked all day together on my sears. It was my birthday, and it was a perfect day. We kicked ass and put out a lot of fires and made progress! When we made our flywheels, we increased the stroke by .23 in order to have clearance for the crank pin nut and at the same time use the same length rod with different piston pin height. Consequently we had to relieve the cases a bit to make room for the connecting rods. Here is a pic of my daddy milling some relief in the cases.

Once we got the grooves notched out we had to mill out the baffle plates.

Here is what it looks like after some machining. There is at least .060 clearance betwen the bottom of the piston and the case.

Here is a pic that tim took of us checking it all out. What a fun project.

Check it out! A stroker sears!


  1. thanks, I can only hope that as the years go on that iwill be closer to being a true industry giant like the one and only kevin baas!