Wednesday, May 5, 2010

post number 83

I got a bunch of nice waxes from my friend Dan today. I noticed that not as many waxes are being broken now that the weather is decent. When it is cold outside they get brittle and snap into pieces. In this pic, you can see the center stand castings and the seat ts

Here are the clutch actuators

And some center stand clips. I did not want to take the original sample apart so I will cast two entire pieces in order to get one use able piece. Which isn't that big of a deal. I am just happy that I have the opportunity to borrow an og sample.

Here are the waxes for the watch fobs. My friend Tim Spacke gave me an original one and I had a mold pulled off of it. I doubt that I will ever sell one, but at least I have them.

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  1. so cool! how do you make the waxes? I'd love to try it sometime.