Monday, May 24, 2010

post number 95

I spent the day working on shop bikes which is bittersweet. It is difficult to not work on my sears with the weight of this luminous deadline hanging over my shoulders, but at the same time it is great to be able to make some money and work on knuckleheads! After hours I spent an hour ordering material for my center stand various bolts and trying to find this damn bearing. It has proved to be very difficult. I have three different companies looking for me, bu I may end up having to make the thing from scratch. I have a game plan/vision of how to do it in my head, but hopefully I will be able to avoid the process and the money it would cost in tooling...

This is a piece of hail that fell out of the sky today. it is an inch in diameter! These made a big noise when they hit our metal building shop!

Here is my first clutch gate. My friend Sonal came out and prepped all of the pieces and cut the rivets to the correct length. I peened these over. I still have to sand them down so that the edge is nice and smooth. It is a nice piece. Thanks sonal!

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