Monday, May 17, 2010

post number 87

Last week I got poison ivy and it pretty much knocked me out of commission. The doctor prescribed steroids, bleach baths and calamine lotion to fix me up. I am pretty much healed and back to 100 percent which is good. Taking steroids is the equivalent of drinking 15 pots of coffee and it is probably the worst feeling in the world. Yesterday I started 10 projects and didn't really finish one of them because I was so jittery, I am glad that I am back to normal and able to focus. Here is the knob for the clutch lever on my sears. It is one of the projects that I started yesterday. I will finish it up sometime this week.

Here are the bars that I just got in the mail from my friend Tom. They are custom one off bars that are made out of 1" dom tubing. The og bars are 15/16 tubing and have really long sleeves on them. This is a departure from stock, but is absolutely necessary so that I can run a front brake lever on the bar itself. It also provides the opportunity to run good internal cables which is a plus.

Here are my rockers for my fork, they are coming along well. I still have a lot of grinding to do to them, but they will end up nice. The bushings are the same as a springer front brake shackle, this will provide a lot of durability and last through the whole jaunt from coast to coast

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