Tuesday, June 1, 2010

102--motor work!

Well I spent most of yesterday making a scraper plate for my sears motor. I ended up making five total before I had a good usable piece. what a bunch of work.

Here it is in the case, it will scrape the oil off of the flywheels and push it towards the drain/pick up.

In this pic you can see the curve of the scraper and the distance from the flywheel which is .065

Here is the og intake valve pocket.

The valve on the far left is the og valve, the two in the middle are diesel truck valves that were cut down for my application. The one on the far right is what the middle ones looked like yesterday morning. Notice that the tulip was also cut off of the valve, this is vital so that the valve is able to seat all the way in the cage.

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  1. Lots of great work Matt, your going to be an authority on ol Sears when your done.