Tuesday, June 8, 2010

post number 106 frame parts

HEre are all of the parts that make up my frame, I built a 1.5 inch longer fork for my race bike with the idea that it would end up being raked out three degrees in order to have the right rake and trail. All of this was because I wanted a longer wheel base so that my bike was more stable during braking and riding. I know what a difference there is between a 39 and a 41 knucklehead, it only makes sense that the same improvement would cary over to the sears project. I will know in a month!

HEre is the frame coming together. Pretty neat stuff. I got a little overzealous and made the tank with out the frame, so consequently I asked to leave the bottom tube out so that I can fit the pieces together.

Notice that all of the seams are tig welded this is a departure from stock that will only be on my race frame. the next batch that we are making will be plug welded and sweat brazed/silver soldered and be indistinguishable from stock. This is a great picture! Thanks Chad!

It is kind of difficult to see the difference in the neck in this picture, but it is there. Cant wait to get a roller! Have a great day everybody!


  1. Super cool. But why TIG instead of brazing?

  2. Finally, a frame! Dude, I wish I was there. try to get some sleep! lol