Thursday, June 3, 2010

post number 105

Here is the first stand clip that I machined up. It turned out pretty well. I wish that there was a way to not have to use two castings to make one use able part, but at the same time I am glad that Ican have molded with out sacrificing the integrity of the original samples.This is the up position for when I am riding the sears

When I get off of the bike, I reach back with my foot and kick the little pedal down and it releases the center stand from the other clip. This is such a trick set up. I assume that other bikes used it as well but I am not really sure which ones lol.

I also did some clearance machining for my fork rocker. I cut into the scoop a little bit, but it isn't too big of a deal. I dropped it off at Rogers to get welded up. I am not very good at aluminum welding.

I got my spring plates back from engraving today. They are beautiful, I sent them off to get heat treated. It is kind of bizarre that this piece would be hardened, but the original ones are, so my repros have to be as well. The green box has one of my throw out bearings in it. They also showed up today, all the way from Germany! Which is really neat.

I also received these site drippers from Delmar, they are really nice and only need some light hand work to make them look like castings. should be an easy days work. I just have to find the day. Have a nice night everybody. My race frame should be done tomorrow, and as soon as i get it, I will have something that really looks like a bike!

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