Thursday, June 17, 2010

post number 113

Check out this little bracket that I made for my muffler. It is not stock, but adds a ton of rigidity to the whole exhaust system. Just by adding this little guy, I am able to pick the bike up by the header pipes!

Here is a pic of machining the center stand casting. One side was very easy to clamp onto, the other side proved to be a challenge.

Since I pulled molds off of a really rusty part, one of the edges of the actual casting was kind of rounded. This caused problems with clamping onto it in the mill vice. I tried to run a bead of weld on the part, then re machine it square in hopes of gaining the thirty or forty thousandths needed to clamp onto, but it did not work and the part still slipped out of the vice when I tried to tighten it up.

So I ended up doing a little bit of outside of the box thinking and welded a steel block to the casting. This worked well, but ended up being a little more work.

Here is a raw casting next to a finished one. This is a very tedious process, but well worth the end result.

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