Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garbage wagon 53 transformation and new repro parts

Things have been insanely busy lately and i have not had much time to update this site. I finished up a 46 and tarded up the 53, I am getting back on a 36 next and should have it done by the middle of next week. Lots of exciting stuff going on. Here is a box of rear header pipes that we bought from our friend Phil Santora in Ohio. He made them up and sold a few, then contacted us about buying him out. They are awesome! These are the nicest pipes that I have ever seen reproduced. They have beautiful graceful curves just like og ones. Shoot me an email if you would like some.

I also got some replacement tabs for knuckleheads from my foundry, these turned out really well and I have already shipped out half of them. They are 1020 steel and weld to the broken og heads really well.

I started tarding up the 53 after work today. Check out the 39 seat jewel in the 6 inch aircleaner! It is bitchin. Also not the repro site gauge in the oil tank and the rails on the fender! My friend Gina and I are taking this bike on a camping trip/ wedding/ break in trip this weekend. Just wait till i post a pic of the buddy seat rail-- it is killer!!!!! Hopefully the garbage wagon holds together lol.

I made up some candy canes for the top of the fender. It only took a half hour. I am going to make a different pair this winter and have them chromed, these ones are stainless. I also mounted a chevron and a gaudy front bumper. This bike is over the top!

Panheads are for decking out! I secretly think that my dad is trying to compete with my uncle Ricky's 55 panhead lol. My dad still has a lot of catching up to do.

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