Wednesday, June 2, 2010

post number 104

Well I got a great box from my foundry today. Here are the rear stand catches they turned out pretty well. Still a lot of grinding cutting and machining to do but they should turn out pretty good. They are cast in 4130 steel and will make the trek from ocean to ocean!

HEre are my seat ts. They are 4130 as well. These are the early style with a narrow throat. I have to widen them up quite a bit to make them work for the 14 and later sears frames. This is not much of a problem though.

And my center stand castings. these are specific for each side. Somebody told me they are the same as excelsiors, but I dont know. What do you think Pete? Are they the same.

I also got my clutch actuators and they need to be machined which will be a real challenge. I am getting the piece that they thread onto tomorrow, so I will be able to figure it out. Have a nice day everybody! I am going to go work on knuckleheads


  1. I've talked about doing it before but I need to work with you some time and do some bitching sand cast parts.

  2. They might be the same as the early teens X stands, I can't quite tell from the photos. in 1915, X changed to a straight stand without a dogleg, so mine are definitely different from yours.