Sunday, April 25, 2010

post number 73

My daddy is helping me out today and machining up the triple tree castings. Before we could machine them we had to straighten out the diving boards. I had problems with these breaking off in the wax stage of casting, so I asked the foundry to set them up in the right spot before they cast them. Everyone of them was crooked and most of them have to be cut off and re welded back onto the casting which is a lot of work, but it kind of fitsthe theme of this whole project lol

While my dad was working on castings I was working on my fixture for brazing the fork together. Here is the top clamp for the fixture. I spent most of the morning on the phone getting measurements from all over the country.

We machined the bottom tabs down to .315 just like the originals! The bar between the two pieces is the bottom part of my fixture. Lots of work and ciphering

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