Saturday, April 24, 2010

post number 72

So I decided to go back out to the shop and make my bottom fork stud plates. The og ones are .312 thick, I didn't have any 5/16 plate but I did have some 3/8 ground steel plate from a tooling project from last year. So I am running a little beefier bottom stays. This will be advantageous for the cannonball run!

Here they are roughed out and with the holes drilled.

Here they are finished. This is a lot of work, and iwill probably have them lasered out from now on.

That was not enough so I decided to try and make my first bung for the front strut. I did a good job of cutting the radius and then cutting the groove in the center, but the only problem was that since I am using a thicker plate I ended up cutting quite a bit off of the length when I cut the wider groove. This mistake cost me an hour of my life that i will never get back lol, but I learned a good lesson, and the next parts will be better because of it!

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