Saturday, April 24, 2010

post number 71

Here is a pic of me cutting threads on my sears fork stem.

Here is a pic of the top all finished up. Check out the little .125 groove that I cut in the stem. Delmar made the crown nut and lock nut.

Here is the finished piece. I had to knurl the base of it so that the bottom race would press on. Lots of cool stuff is happening so stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Great stuff Matt! Be sure to show us some good pics of the fork bit as you are brazing them up. They are really shaping up nice.

    Be careful with the knurl on the press fit area. Knurled parts have been known to loosen when used for press fitting. If you can, use a straight (unknurled) section with the right amount of interference, then press fit together.