Tuesday, March 30, 2010

post number 60

I balanced my flywheels last friday. I had to remove the two windows of material in order to get the weight right.

Here you can see the holes that I drilled 180 degrees from the crank pin in order to balance the wheels. There is a shaft through the sprocket shaft hole that is on knife edges.

When everything is perfectly balanced, you should be able to position the wheel anywhere that you want it, and it will stay put. If there is a heavy spot, the heavy spot will roll to the bottom. IF and when it rolls to the bottom, you drill holes in the wheel and remove metal from it.

And that is how we do it.


  1. cool stuff. how much weight did you put on that big end? (ie, what balance factor did you use?)

    PS, that's a nice level!

  2. pete, the balance factor that we use on knuckleheads is 60 percent. Knuckleheads and Spacke engines are both 45 degree engines, but I will be running my sears at a much lower rpm range, so I dropped the percentage down to 55 percent. I will post a picture of the balance table sometime this week. Hope all is well out west.