Monday, March 15, 2010

post number 54

Here is the finished flywheel. We decided to balance the bottom end at 60 percent which is the same as a knucklehead, they are both 45 degree twins, so it should work well. Each flywheel was very heavy at the crank pin side. This was the best area to take metal out and not sacrifice structural strength.

We took the metal out in small increments a little bit at a time.

This is how we started. I didn't really want to take that much metal out, but I do not have a choice. This rotating assembly has to be smooth or it will shake itself apart.

In this pic, you can see where the outer race of the bearing was hitting on the flywheel I remedied this by cutting a .020 relief for clearance issues.

The clearance is super tight on this engine. Check out where I machined the sprocket shaft nut and flywheel for clearance. I also had to relieve the rods for clearance.

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