Wednesday, March 24, 2010

post number 57

Here is an o.g. seat post that my friend Bill sent me to copy.

I had to file a bur off of the large diameter to get the large nut piece to slip off. This is also the seam where the .5 threaded part presses into the upper piece. I can not tell if Sears sweat brazed the two pieces together because of nickle plating,

I decided to make the seat post for my cannonball bike one piece, which meant a lot of turning lol.

Here is the piece almost done, I still have to cut a groove in it and drill a hole for the top bolt, but you get the idea. The other ones that I plan on making will be two pieces just like the originals.

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  1. Nice work on the seat post. Did you see that Excelsior one that sold on ebay about two weeks ago for something like ~$250? all worn out too. crazy. Mine's in decent shape, I just had to make up a new bronze bushing for it.