Thursday, February 25, 2010

post number 51

Here is the end of my new rods. The are the same length as the og spacke rods. The bottom of the rods are from a sportster and the tops are off of a knucklehead. They are Frankenstein rods!

HEre is a neat pic of my new rods next to the og spacke rods. My new set up allows more bearing surface and increased durability, especially for the front rod. My rods are the same length as originals. I will be using stock .080 over FL pistons which have a shorter pin to dome height, so I increased the stroke of my flywheels .200. This motor is going to be a real power house! I am so excited.

in other news, I completed my first week of circuit training which entails an hour and a half of insane exercise every morning for the last seven days. It is a necessary evil in order to change my body type into a leaner form for the race. I very happy with the progress of my bike and my physical condition. I can't wait for September!

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