Wednesday, February 3, 2010

post number 44

Here are the castings for fork struts for a sears. I bought some reproduction fork struts for an indian when I first started this project, but they are different from sears! I borrowed an original paint fork and pulled a mold off of one of the struts. They will turn out well!

Here are the rocker waxes. I built up the front of them to make them sturdier for my race bike. I had an original one that cracked in that spot.

Here are a bunch of waxes that broke on their way over here. I will send them back to dan and they will get melted down and turned into something else. I am really bummed about the fork pieces breaking, I was really looking forward to moving ahead with that project. Luckily I have enough stuff to keep me busy!

This is like seeing a picture of a bunch of dead bodies, it breaks my heart:(

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