Monday, February 22, 2010

post number 50

I went to my friend Brad's place today to find a front drum brake and hub for my sears project. Brad has over 100 japanese bikes, so I figured I could easily find something that worked. This is the only 40 hole hub/brake combo that I could find in the whole place. It is off of a triumph 650. This thing is huge! It is a beautifully made piece that will look out of place on my sears, but it will work well and do a good job of stopping the bike!

I ordered the spokes to lace it up to my 21 inch rim from buchanans today. The center of the hub has fins in it, just like my musselman rear hub lol.


  1. be careful. That brake may be a lot stronger than what the front forks can stand.

  2. Hey Matt, have you checked out a Honda cl350 front brake? It has nice fins and vintage looking linkage...just a thought. Keep up the good work