Wednesday, January 27, 2010

post number 40

I got my cylinders back from the plater today. They turned out well. There are some pits in the base of the rear cylinder, but it is standard bore and really nice. There were a couple spots that had brazing and silver solder used for repairs. I was concerned that the different color of metal would show up after plating, but I am happy to report that this was not an issue.

WOW these things are so pretty! I am going to try to sort out my valve guides this week.

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  1. Hi Matt. The guides can be a bit tricky, especially the exhaust. I've bored out the exhaust guides, (after removing them from the head), then make up a new stepped guide from cast iron and press it into place inside the old one. Let me know if you want any photos or tips. Using a freezer and grease helps! The inlet guides are easier to tackle.

    Pete Young