Saturday, January 2, 2010

post number 33

I started out my year by welding fins onto my three sets of Spacke Cylinders. Holy moly what a bunch of work. They all turned out really well. I still have some grinding to do before I can send them out for plating.

Here is a pic of me making some top fins! I have done a lot of knucklehead fin repair, but they are all square, I had to make an arbor for the lathe to cut some different diameters of fin repair pieces. It turned out well.

This is the same cylinder as the one in the top of the post. Once they are nickle plated, no one will be able to tell that the fins were messed with!


  1. are they brazed or silver soldered? Will the nickel plating show a shadow of the brazing?

    PS, make sure that you don't bore them out any more than absolutely necessary. Pre16 barrels will bust right off the flanges if you run aluminum pistons and they nip up.

  2. knossos!
    Thanks for the tip about boring them out. Fortunately the cylinders I am running are standard bore, I have a set that are .020 over, so I should be safe with running .010 over pistons. I asked the plater about the different color of metal showing through, and he said it wouldn't be an issue, I should know for sure in the next week or so.

  3. great stuff! thanks for sharing with us. By the way, I have a friend in Australia who is restoring a Spacke, I'll send him your link.

    Pete Young