Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Non Sears Post!

I have pretty much dedicated the last 5 weeks to working on this bike. A lot of you guys have probably heard about the free wla contest that the amca and I ran last year. Well the guy in between my dad and I is Ryan Mackey, the kid that won the contest. There were over 95 entrees, and he won the bike. It was all in pieces, and we have spent the last five weeks getting it to where it is now.

This bike is bitchin, It is a lot of fun to work with somebody that is enthusiastic about old bikes. Ryan is doing a great job with the bike.

This bike has a lot of neat little details, we have been documenting the whole process over on the amca message board from day one. Go check it out at www.antiquemotorcycle.org there are a lot of neat in depth technical goodies in the thread. Ryan flies back to ohio on sunday, so hopefully I will be able to squeeze some sears work in again!

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