Wednesday, December 23, 2009

post number 31

Christmas came early in south dakota today. I got my spare set of cylinders from Tim in california. I bought two extra motors and a spare set of cylinders from him. They are really nice.

Here is a pic of my fly wheel being machined I bought a set of jd wheel blanks from Paul Osbourne. I have them roughed in, but still have a lot of machining to do!
Here is the blank before any chips were made.


  1. Great work.

    What material are Paul's flywheels made from? Do you have any more photos, maybe of the bores you made for the crank pin?

  2. They are made out of ductile iron. I will have photos of the crank assembly in a week or two, I am farming the job out so that my head doesn't explode from too much going on.