Thursday, December 10, 2009

post number 29

In this pic both ends are done, I still have to do the long pieces though.

In this pic I am making the last hinge piece. I made the toolbox door out of metal that was much thicker than original. I didn't notice it until I had my material cut out and bent. OOPS! So consequently I had to make the hinge pieces out of a heavier gauge metal so that they lined up with the rolled over edge. In hine sight this probably works to my benefit because I have a much sturdier door, and hinge assembly. Please note the vice that I am using, I made it in high school.

Check it out!

My buck is on the left, the original cover is in the middle, and the one I made today is on the end. It is really heavy duty! I am really satisfied with the end result of this project!

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