Monday, August 23, 2010

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I just got done tearing my top end off for inspection. My rear cylinder was running fifty percent cooler than the front. This seems like a big difference.My daddy and I thought that something must have been wrong with a clearance. We pulled the top end and nothing was binding or ready to break

HEre is the front. I took this pic to show that there isn't any scores on the thrust surface. The moly is starting to rub off of the skirts, which is typical. It just helps for break in.

The main thing to look for on this is the depth of the scratches, if you can catch your fingernail on them, you have problems. These are super light and look bad because of the coating. They are no big deal. The pistons are set up at .005 clearance, we will open them up to .007 or .008 in the morning.

Rear wrist pin bushing looks great,

I found some brass in the oil that i drained out of the motor, which is typical for break in. I had more oil than I would have liked going into the engine. This means that we have to either pull more out or push less in. Putting less into the motor is the easiest, I will put a jet in the feed line tomorrow and see how it goes. Have a nice night, it is two in the morning here ugh. It is going to be crazy in south dakota for the next two weeks!

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  1. wonder if a compression and leak-down test on the two cylinders would reveal anything regarding the temperature differential?